Royalton 2020 Plan

Dear Resident,

It has been an honor to serve as Ward 5 Councilman and now President of Council. I am ready to continue to serve you as your next Mayor and look forward to addressing the future growth and challenges before our City during the next four years and beyond.

Please be assured that I will continue to make all my decisions based on what is best for our City. My proven leadership and experience guarantee agenda that will maintain the conservative spending and responsible management of our tax dollars, but still provide quality municipal services.

Over the next several months, I look forward to sharing my vision for the future of North Royalton and discussing ideas of how to keep our community a great place to live and raise a family. For any questions, comments or concerns you may have, I can be reached at 440-554-6095, or email at LarryAtoZforMayor@gmail.com.

Thank you for your past support and I hope I will continue to have your vote on November 5th.

Larry Antoskiewicz


Committed to You and to Continue:

  • Conservative spending of our tax dollars
  • Supporting all residents and businesses
  • Enhancing the image of our city landscape
  • Maintaining strong fire and police forces
  • Supporting our North Royalton Schools
  • Responsible management of city services
  • Enabling consistent community engagement


My 2020 Plan:

  • As Chairman of the Finance Committee, I have been a watchdog for your tax dollars. As your next Mayor, I will promote our financial stability to fund new projects, and make sure we find and apply for available grants for future opportunities. I am confident that together, we can continue to grow and live within our means without raising taxes.
  • As Ward 5 Councilman and Council President, I have shown strong financial leadership. As your next Mayor, I will integrate this vital experience with new proposals, like purchasing body cams to protect our officers and residents, and the continued improvements in flood prevention. I am dedicated to working with our new City Council to successfully manage our government and city services.
  • As your next Mayor, I will work to enhance the unique character of our community and initiate a Shop North Royalton Program to enhance and promote awareness of our great local businesses.
  • I have lived and worked in North Royalton with my family for nearly 20 years and I am deeply invested in the success of our great city. As your next Mayor, with the ingenuity and cooperation of fellow citizens, local businesses, and City Council, I will continue to research and carefully consider new opportunities for the promising future of North Royalton.


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Here are all the polling locations in North Royalton. Note there are a number of new ones. Please make sure you have the right polling location to vote at.

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Current Voter Turnout for General Election in North Royalton is at 20%. So please make sure you vote for me Larry Antoskiewicz for Mayor.

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Larry Antoskiewicz for

North Royalton Mayor 2020

Email Larry at: LarryAtoZforMayor@gmail.com

Call Larry at: 440-554-6095