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Council President, Larry Antoskiewicz, started his service to the community by being appointed in July 2006 to a seat in Ward Five. In November 2007, he was then elected to his first full two year term and continued his progress in Council by being re-elected in 2009. After a successful run for Council President in the November 2011 Election, his continued success in North Royalton Council has built solid experience serving the community we all call home.

During his tenure in City Council, Larry is actively supporting our city, school systems and service club functions. Since 2012, as the Finance Chair, Larry has overseen a balanced budget that still provides City Services, road, stormwater improvements and upgrades to our city properties. Larry has strived to make City Council more efficient and resident friendly. 

If you have not met Larry Antoskiewicz – everyone calls him Larry A to Z! – you will see him actively around various club functions like The Food Bank, Harvest Fest, North Royalton Home Days and other events around our city. His active involvement, experience within our city’s Council and deep connection with the residents of North Royalton is the winning combination of success for our city. 

Besides serving as Council President, Larry is a Retired Business Agent. He is married to his wife Gracemary of 41 years. He also has two children, son Larry Jr. and daughter Dr. Lena Haggerty married to Dr. Scott Haggerty. Also a very proud grandfather to Olivia and Elijah. 


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1 year ago

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Here are all the polling locations in North Royalton. Note there are a number of new ones. Please make sure you have the right polling location to vote at.

1 year ago

Current Voter Turnout for General Election in North Royalton is at 20%. So please make sure you vote for me Larry Antoskiewicz for Mayor.

1 year ago

Still a lot of time left to VOTE! Polls are open till 7:30pm tonight. Please make sure you vote! #LarryAtoZforNRMayor

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