Fiscally Responsible

As President of City Council and Finance Committee Chairman. Larry along with Finance Director Eric Dean accept the Auditor of State Award from Ohio Auditor of State, Keith Faber.


As Council President, Larry has been part of a great deal of positive change and wants to continue the momentum.


In an effort to help, last year Council President Larry Antoskiewicz and Ward 3 Councilman Dan Langshaw initiated a survey to find out why our service clubs have struggled with declining membership.

Supporting our Seniors

Larry believes in supporting our community’s seniors and often visits the City’s Senior Center to spend some time with many of them.

Economic Development

Council President Antoskiewicz is a strong supporter of the local businesses in the community. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the North Royalton Area Business Connection as well as actively communicating with our business owners.

Why I am running to be your Next Mayor

Hi! I am Council President Larry Antoskiewicz, I am running to be the next Mayor of North Royalton to keep our city moving forward with my proven leadership. In order to accomplish this I want our city to grow and grow in the proper manner: not raising taxes, being conservative in our spending, continuing to get grants and working with all of our governmental entities including federal, state and county and do that while working with those officials I have been able to build relationships with over the years.

I encourage you to use my website to learn more about me, my Royalton 2020 Plan, and how to get involved in my campaign to help me be your next Mayor of North Royalton.





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Please share with your fellow neighbors and friends.

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The 2019 Roads Program winds down

The 2019 Roads Program winds down

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School fundraising never tasted so good

School fundraising never tasted so good

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Vote Larry Antoskiewicz for North Royalton Mayor

I know there are still many undecided voters on the North Royalton Mayor’s race. Check out my video below and please share with anyone you know who is still on the fence of who to vote for. You can ... See more

On November 5th Vote for Council President Larry Antoskiewicz to be the next Mayor of North Royalton. Learn more about Larry and his 2020 Plan at www.LarryAt...

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Larry Antoskiewicz for

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